Madison, WI Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Annual Fees

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Cost To Join 2021 – 2022

Chapter media can be purchased from or at a member discount when the director completes a bulk order.

Please contact us with any questions.

HFH Membership – $40 per family ($35 before July 15)

Madison Catholic Schoolhouse is a subgroup of Holy Family Homeschoolers.  Membership in HFH provides families with many benefits, but the reason for requiring that all CSH families also belong to HFH is so that CSH is covered by the HFH liability insurance policy.  For more information, or to join HFH, visit  

Pre-Grammar/Nursery Fees* – $50/quarter for ages 0-1, $60/quarter for ages 2-4

Payable to your local director, to compensate the Pre-Grammar tutors and nursery caregivers each week. Covers caregiver compensation and all nursery/preschool supplies. (There is no separate supply fee for ages 0-4.)
*Fees for 2019-2020. Pre-Grammar/Nursery Fees subject to change for 2020-2021.

If you are interested in working within the Madison Catholic Schoolhouse program to offset costs, please contact Alison Hetue with any questions.